High-Quality Frozen Seafood

Arabian Fisheries provides natural and high-quality frozen seafood to our customers throughout the cities of Saudi Arabia, and it is working on building long relationships with our clients and developing strategic partnerships with our global producers. We also take pride in providing un paralleled customer service.

We are experts in transportation logistics and customer support and whether it’s on-time delivery or hassle-free sales, you can count on friendly, alternative, and knowledgeable service for every order every time.

Distribution Management

Distribution management is first and foremost about organizing everything involved in getting goods to the buyer in a timely fashion and with the least amount of waste. Therefore, it has a direct impact on profits.

we relied on the following most important influencing factors

Channels of Distribution

Distribution Management Strategies

At the strategic level, there are three distribution management strategies:


The mass strategy aims to distribute to the mass market.


The selective strategy aims to distribute to a select group of sellers.


The exclusive strategy aims to distribute to a highly limited group.